Hartley Lin

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Still life image with skull and vase

Short comic, The Believer Vol. 19, No. 1, AD Sunra Thompson

Still life image with skull and vase

Daily Shouts piece

Photograph of a family with a tear seperating the father

Juvenile fiction cover, Penguin Random House, AD Lisa Jager

Three friends meet on a staircase to start a trip together

Person looks at a receipt on their cell phone showing a service fee was charged for a ride

Airline employee advises two of the friends that there is a seating fee

The three friends watch a basketball game in top level seats in a stadium with a jumbotron

The three friends have brunch in a corner booth at a restaurant

An Illustrated Guide...", The Washington Post, AD Hannah Good

Photograph of the cover illustration on the Taddle Creek Anthology of the man wearing a beret and glasses

Taddle Creek editor with beret and glasses stands on a desk in an office

Hardcover anthology, Edited by Conan Tobias

Man and woman in conversation where man snaps his fingers

Homage for Master Collection series, Library of American Comics, Edited by Dean Mullaney

Eleanor Parker wearing pearls and a black dress on a staircase

Commission for book project on golden age actress Eleanor Parker

People riding horses holding giant pens and paintbrushes

CCS Diploma design

A young blond woman sits on a table cross legged with a pitcher of beer while large popcorn kernels float around her in the air

Limited edition print
Risographed by Colour Code Printing

A red haired young woman with tattoos and black nails has a mouse sitting on her finger A young woman lounges in an armchair reading a book with a mouse poised on the chairback

Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo 2019 poster

A man wearing glasses and a stained shirt teaches two teens

Hollywood Reporter
(AD Christopher Hawkins)

A teen boy wearing a jean jacket holds his hands to his ears as if listening

McGill News (AD Daniel McCabe)

Woman with bun pressing her face and hands against the window.

New Yorker piece with J.A.K. (AD Emma Allen)

Two girls in the rain with inside out umbrella

Toronto Comic Arts Festival artwork

Cover of the novel Flickers

HarperCollins cover (AD Suzanne Sutherland)

Taddle Creek cover with man and moose on hillside
Woman riding scooter

Colour Code Printing flyer

Images from Droll Pranks for Rich Boys

Droll Pranks for Rich Boys,by Dan Bulla Chronicle Books (AD Michael Morris)

Poster for Porchfest

Slate book review of Coates' Between the World and Me


Slate article about kid's books that make adults cry

Coronet 1945

Limited edition print
Risographed by Colour Code Printing

The Muse

Taddle Creek section design

Doug Wright Awards

2013 Event poster
Risographed by Colour Code Printing


Literary Review of Canada Cover

Cool Parents
Holly Listens to Rain Dogs